Social Welfare Hostel

This Blog is to identify successful inmates of Social Welfare Hostels of Andhra Pradesh. Social Welfare Hostels in India are part of social justice schemes which extends financial and technical inputs to various marginalized section to improve their living conditions.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Facilities provided to the Social Welfare Hostel Boarders

Free Boarding and Lodging

Free lodging and boarding facilities are provided to the boarders. They are also provided with facilities like, TextBooks, Note Books, Bedding material, Trunk Boxes, Plate, Glasses etc., on free of cost. Each hostel boarder will be given two pairs of dress every year. In addition the boarders are paid financial assistance for the following expenses

Sl.No Item Enhanced rate
1. Cosmetic Charges
Boys/Men Rs.50/-p.m.
Girls/Women Rs.75/-p.m.
2. Hair Cut Charges Rs.12/-p.m.
3. Stitching Charges Rs.40/-per pair Rs.80/-per two pairs
4. Supply of Uniforms Four Pairs of Uniform per annum
5. Supply of Bedding Material One set of bedding material at the rate of Rs.300/-every year with price escalation @ 10% every year

Necessary provision is also made towards purchase of medicines to the Hostel Boarders and individual health (HAI)card has been introduced to facilitate medical officer to record the findings of the sick boarders for taking necessary action. In the HAI Card, the boarders health, academic and identity with photo and blood group is made. Necessary provision is also made for purchase of daily news papers, Library Books, dictionaries etc., Provision is also made available for purchase of games and sports materials to the boarders and conducting games competition among hostel boarders to develop competitive spirit.

Special Hostels

To improve the results of the SW Hostels, Special Hostels program is organized for close monitoring to achieve good results. In these hostels VIII,IX and X class boarders of all SW hostels in the District are Pooled at places where infrastructure facilities and good reputed schools are located for conducting supervisory studies. Coaching services are organized by drafting service of tutors to coach the boarders in Maths, Science, English and Hindi subjects at monthly remuneration of Rs. 500/- per month per subject. An additional amount of Rs. 50/- per boarder per annum will be incurred for additional study material in special hostels. There are 869 Special Hostels in the State. Unit tests are organized in special hostels with the help of tutors once in an every week to improve academic performance and to achieve better results. Government are providing incentive awards to Best Hostel Boy and Best Hostel Girl, Best H.W.O (Warden and Matron)and Best Hostel in each district basing on the performance of Hostel in SSC examination. To create academic environment, the syllabus is being exhibited on the walls of the hostels. The Hostels are provided with Fans, cookers, Sewing machines for girl boarders and installation of Computers in some of the hostels are provided.

Poor conditions at Social Welfare Hostel

There are as many as 2,400 social welfare hostels in the state. Most of them are run with inadequate funds and poor infrastructure facilities. The mess charges sanctioned for the students are in the range Rs.425 to 500 per month which are grossly inadequate to follow the menu suggested by the state Government. The hostels that are located in rural areas and in inaccessible villages lack even basic facilities such as toilets, water supply, safe drinking water and sufficient number of living rooms for the students.

The inaction of Government to set things right led to many opposition leaders expressed concern overcrowding in SW Hostels sometimes over lodging of as many as 20 students in a single room, resulting in congestion.

The hostel wardens are often at the receiving end of parents, political leaders and Govt officials for the poor state of affairs in the Hostel. Whereas the real issue has been irregular and insufficient release of funds for improving the hostels in the state.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Career Achievements of SW Hostel Inmates-AP


We are a research organisation currently building a database of ex-boarders of AP social welfare hostel studied/stayed anywhere in Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Hostel. The data base is being built with the funds from Govt of Andhra Pradesh and the profile of successful inmates of the hostel is being developed. The compilation of success stories are underway. If you or any of your friends /relatives qualify the following conditions, please contact us

a) minimum of 2 years of stay in any of the Social Welfare Hostel in Andhra Pradesh, India
b) belongs to any of the marginalised communities such as SC/ST/BC

and anyone of the Below

c) Employed in Govt organisations in CLASS-I/II/III Grades
d) Employed in an organisation of minimum of 100 Employees
e) Self Employed with business turnover atleast 5 Lakhs per annum